Transfer Content Between PC and Android using Opera Touch

Opera launches a new flavor of your browser for mobile devices. Opera Touch is a new project that comes with two fundamental premises: enhance an interface from which we can navigate using one hand and integrate the operation of the official desktop client with the Android version through an internal chat from which we can send texts and links. The first stable version is now available for download via Apk file, we will provide below.


The so-called Quick Access Button is the key to being able to use the smartphone with one hand. It is a floating button permanently located in the lower part of the screen that when pressed, will allow us to switch between open tabs, reload the page or close it, as well as a return to the homepage in case of a long press. Certainly, after a few minutes of use, the experience is not at all cumbersome and makes things easier for us to navigate while we are on the bus or we are doing another task simultaneously that requires our other hand.

Opera Touch

The other great functionality comes with an update for the desktop browser itself. My Flow is a kind of internal chat that works bidirectionally between the Android version and the PC version. To synchronize it, we will have to use the QR code provided by the PC client and photograph it from the mobile (or enter the combination of characters in case it does not detect it correctly). Needless to say, we will have to update both versions so that this innovation becomes effective.

Download Opera Touch Apk

Download Opera Touch Apk

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Install Opera Touch Apk

Step 1: Download Opera Touch Apk from above.

Step 2: Copy it to your device.

Step 3: Go where you have copied it and tap on it

Step 4: Install it

  1. Choose Install > Settings > Unknown Sources, if you are installing for the first time.
  2. Choose Install only if you have already enabled the Unknown sources.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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Transfer Content Between PC and Android using Opera Touch
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